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Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Makeup-ers anonymous

I watched a video by "essiebutton" (Estee Lalonde) called "makeup cleanse" where she talked about having too much makeup and she went through and only kept the essentials and a little bit more since obviously being a beauty blogger you will have more makeup than usual.
I remember wanting as much makeup as possible but now I have more of a collection compared to my concealer and mascara combo which i thought was pretty fantastic, I have ended up with some unused makeup which I am hanging on to for no apparent reason.
I also keep buying makeup which I don't need, and obviously I don't "need" it in the first place but I definitely don't need 4 foundations and 3 primers...
So I decided I am going to go through my makeup and choose at most  two products  from each section and not buy more makeup for a while unless I run out of a product which I use everyday.
These are the products I chose:

Primer: Maybeline baby skin
Foundation: Loreal true match and Loreal infallible (I mix them together)
Eyes: too faced primer and Naked 3 palette by Urban decay
Eyeliner and mascara: Stila stay all day eyeliner and Loreal million lashes mascara
Contour: Benefit hoola bronzer and Clinique daisy blush
Eyebrows: Benefit browzings
Lips: Maybeline lips pencil and Cowshed lip balm

These are my 12 staple products!